Electrical & Instrumentation Contracting

Find the electrical and instrumentation contracting services you seek from Louisiana Nesco, LTD in Dayton, Texas. Our company focuses solely on industrial projects, including startups, shutdowns, and turnarounds for petrol plants.

Our Work

Let us help you with construction, startups, and shutdowns for your compressor station. Our team handles instrumentation calibrations, demolitions, and the wiring of motors. Our work experience covers grass roots construction, additions, demolitions, shutdowns, and maintenance projects in facilities such as:
• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• Heat Tracing
• Grounding Systems
• Compressor Stations
• Paper Mills
• High Voltage/High Line
• Fiber Optics

• Terminals
• Heat Treating
• Cathodic Protection
• DCS Control Systems


Pipes - Electrical Contracting

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